Brian Flanagan represented AECI at the recent ENJIC (Electrical National Joint Industrial Council) meeting on Tuesday 27 November 2012.  Other delegates represented TEEU; ECA ;CIF and Labour Court.

The ECA and TEEU have applied, to the Labour Court, to register a New REA , which the AECI do not support as it does not go far enough to satisfy todays poor economic climate.

At a previous ENJIC meeting, the AECI questioned, how the ENJIC, as an unregistered body,could refer a case to the Labour Court, however, it was clarified the that Application for a New REA was put forward by the ECA and TEEU, which is permissable.

Under AOB

The TEEU listed a number of sites where they are currently having issues regarding different levels of breaches with the REA  and both Employer Bodies informed the TEEU that they would take up these matters with their respective members and revert to the union.

The ECA confirmed that they are still waiting on the Labour Court to come back to them with a date regarding the Joint TEEU & ECA Application for their proposed REA.

Next ENJIC Meeting is planned for January 2013.