The TEEU have again taken the liberty of misleading their members with incorrect information, with the sole aim of inciting unrest among electricians.


  1. AECI are not seeking a 20% reduction in rates of pay.
  2. TEEU reneged on an agreement with the ECA made in 2012.
  3. There is NO “National Collective Agreement” in the Electrical Industry since 09th May 2013.

The Government is responsible for the “Reduction in take home pay of all Electricians and Employers since 2007”

Government are the cause of a person on €40k per year wages losing an additional €2,040 P.A and a person on €60k per year including an additional €3,480 per year.

On top of these extra deductions are Property Tax and Water Tax (on the way). All of the above is not the fault of the Employer, who during the very tough times continued to pay the same Gross Wage to Employees while their own wages has been significantly reduced sometimes leading to closure.

“Government Conditions of Contracts”

The tendering process has been further compounded by the Government with the introduction of GCCC’s(New Forms of Public Works Construction Contracts), which allowed Main Contractors / Builders to hammer down Electrical Contractors tender prices, to a dangerously low, non-economical level.

The TEEU refused to discuss an alternative Collective Agreement in 2010, which would have protected all the electricians who are now accepting hourly rates of €12.00 to €16.00 per hour.

Issue such as Travel Time etc, has not been adjusted since the original terms set in 1990 and with the massive improvement in our Road Systems since then, no one would argue that the original terms are outdated.

Employers, in most cases, came through the Apprenticeship Scheme, qualified as Electrician, so they have a high regard for the commitment and hard slog put into the Profession by the majority of Electricians and are sad to see the rates paid by some Electrical Contractors but in particular by Agencies taking advantage of the high unemployment situation.

This is where the TEEU should have moved more speedily to stamp this practice out.


The TEEU are responsible for the demise of the REA, because of their intransigence and the attitude of “we hold what we have”. Many clauses in the REA could have been negotiated in a manner that would have been acceptable to all related Bodies, instead, not only the Electrical Industry but other Industries are now struggling to agree rates when Tendering for Contracts.