BESS  —   (Building Emergency Safety Scheme)     —  Emergency Lighting Systems.

This voluntary scheme was initially introduced under the banner of the NSAI in 2009, however AECI received alot of concerns from the Electrical Contractors, relating to the costs of the course, only so that they could carry out works which came under the normal scope of electrical work already being carried for many years.

The chairman of the implementation body tasked with introducing the scheme stated :         ‘At this stage with the publishing of the 2013 standard imminent, and given our voluntary nature, our mandate and decision capacity, and taking into account my most recent reviews with all stakeholders, I feel we have taken the process as far as we reasonably can and it is best to close the BESS Scheme and report my findings back to the industry’.

Although all reports indicate that the course content was highly informative, the current situation is that the Contractors who were encouraged to pay the fees and train there staff, had no commercial advantage over Contractors who did not.

All Registered Electrical Contractors (REC’s) can purchase the ETCI Emergency Lighting Certs from their respective SSB (Safety supervisor Body).

AECI will fully support up skilling and tightening of standards where we believe a genuine problem exists however these improvements must not be at a cost prohibited for Contractors particularly in these difficult economic times.

The New 2013 Standards  IS 3217 ( Emergency Lighting) &  IS 3218 ( Fire Alarm Detection Systems) are now available.