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On Tuesday 18th December 2012, two representatives from the AECI; Mr Tommy Maher and Mr Chris Lundy attended a hearing in the Supreme Court which was also attended by representatives of TEEU, NECTA, NECI, ECA/CIF. The Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation were also represented.

The entire day from approximately 10.30am – 4.30pm was taken up with strong legal arguments by Senior Council Nuala Butler (Council for the Electrical Contractors) and Senior Council Quinn (Council for the Labour Court) and five Judges presided over the hearing.

Senior Council Nuala Butler was very effective continually pushing her arguments and challenge on Constitutional Grounds and the key point in her submission was that the Electrical REA was contrary to Article 15 of the Constitution.

It brought up the issue that only the Oireachtas, had the power to enact a law and that the Labour Court had no authority to bring in legislation.  Questions were asked with the regard to the lack of safeguards to the original 1946 Industrial Relations Act.

We understand that the Final Judgement from the Supreme Court could take up to two months or more.

Our personal feeling (with no legal background) is that Senior Council Nuala Butler put her case in a strong enough fashion to defeat the Senior Council for the Labour Court.

AECI will be waiting and watching the outcome and will keep you informed.

On Friday 18th January 2013 @ 2.00pm, AECI in conjunction with others are holding a Seminar / Training Session on Emergency Lighting Systems and Standards.

Spaces are limited so it is advisable to confirm your attendance as soon as possible.

On Tuesday the 18th December 2012, the Supreme Court will hear the legal arguments challenging the constitutionality of the Electrical REA.

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REA 12th december 2012

AECI Newsletter December 2012

December Newsletter 2012

The planned AGM for EPACE scheduled for last Tuesday 04th of December 2012 was mysteriously cancelled without notice.

EPACE has shown losses in their accounts for the last two years.

Is there trouble in the house that we are not aware of ??????


The AECI have been pushing for information regarding the alternative Emergency Lighting Training Course.

The BESS Scheme was the brain child of the NSAI however this initial course was accepted by most Electrical Contractors as “over the top” and too expensive, for what was required.

An alternative scheme was suggested to allow Electrical Contractors to commission Emergency Lights and have a Certificate of Competence, however, almost a year ago today a Committee was formed to create this alternative course but to date it still does not exist.

The AECI contacted the NSAI (see attached response) and also RECI with a meeting planned in the next few days to discuss.


The Response

Dear Chris


As you are aware, NSAI withdrew from the training of Emergency lighting nearly a year ago today.  I am not aware of what training is now taking place.  I suggest you contact Ger Buckley or Derek Waters who may be able to help.


Mr. Justin TALLON
Manager, Standards

Direct +353 1 807 3874

Mobile +353 (087) 9819 823




1 Swift Square



Dublin 9



Telephone +353 1 807 3800

Facsimile +353 1 807 3938



Brian Flanagan represented AECI at the recent ENJIC (Electrical National Joint Industrial Council) meeting on Tuesday 27 November 2012.  Other delegates represented TEEU; ECA ;CIF and Labour Court.

The ECA and TEEU have applied, to the Labour Court, to register a New REA , which the AECI do not support as it does not go far enough to satisfy todays poor economic climate.

At a previous ENJIC meeting, the AECI questioned, how the ENJIC, as an unregistered body,could refer a case to the Labour Court, however, it was clarified the that Application for a New REA was put forward by the ECA and TEEU, which is permissable.

Under AOB

The TEEU listed a number of sites where they are currently having issues regarding different levels of breaches with the REA  and both Employer Bodies informed the TEEU that they would take up these matters with their respective members and revert to the union.

The ECA confirmed that they are still waiting on the Labour Court to come back to them with a date regarding the Joint TEEU & ECA Application for their proposed REA.

Next ENJIC Meeting is planned for January 2013.





A Representative of AECI (Brian Hickey) as part of an Electrical Employer Body’s delegation, consisting of AECI ,ECA ,NECI  ,RECI and the CIF had a meeting with the HSA (Health & Safety Authority) yesterday 28 November 2012.  The meeting was called to express our views and to lodge a complaint with respect to the PSA giving the impression through their advertisement campaign,  that      ” only PSA licence holders were the competenet qualified people  to carry out Access Control & CCTV installation work”, when it is quite clear that the vast majority of these companies, who do not employ qualified electricians, carry out the  electrical element , ie 220/440volt,  part of the Access  Control & CCTV installation works.

We pointed out to the H & S Authority, that the PSA have now created a situation where these ” security companies”  are now carrying out electrical works which is not subject to inspections from either RECI or ECSSA as they are not Registered Electrical Contractors.

The H & S Authority have promised to take up this complaint with the PSA.

We will keep you informed, as a lot of pressure is now being applied to the PSA by all organisations to have a resolution to the Licencing of works, that Electrical Contractors have carried out for years.


The AECI together with all other Electrical Bodies have requested a further meeting with the PSA to discuss the Electrical Industry position on carrying out work, on CCTV, Access Control and Automatic Gates on the grounds of Health and Safety as we are aware that non qualified personnel (Non-Electricians) are working on 220 v / 230 v apparatus.

We are awaiting a date from the CEO of the PSA to confirm a date and we will keep you updated on any progress.