Please see attached Information Notice relaying to the appointment by CER of a single body (RECI) to regulate electrical contractors in respect of safety in Ireland under the “Safe Electric” brand.

If you require any further information on the above please do not hesitate in contacting me below or RECI’s Office directly.

Please find below a link from our website regarding an information notice from the CER for our members; our members were sent a text message yesterday informing them that this was on the website.



We understand that the ECSSA are in the process of sending a similar letter to their members if they haven’t already done so.


We also plan on holding roadshows around the country to inform interested parties about the new scheme; we are starting with Dublin, Galway and Cork before Christmas and others will be planned for 2016.


All new members transferred from the ECSSA will receive an information pack with copies of relevant documentation to their membership i.e pricelist, copies of audit & inspection report forms and the most common reasons for certificates being returned to contractors etc.


The subscription fee for 2016 has been reduced to €295 for companies’ with up to 10 electricians employed and the remaining subscriptions will be dealt with on a pro rata basis.


RECI will accept Completion Certificates from ECSSA members up to the 29th February for processing on to the ESB Networks for connection; we understand that as and from the 1st December ECSSA will cease to sell certificates to their members.