On 1st September 2019 a new Sectorial Employment Order (S.I. No 251 – 2019) for the Electrical Contracting Sector came into force. This SEO is a statutory legally binding agreement which sets out pay rates and terms and conditions of employment for all categories of Electricians and Apprentices employed by Electrical Contractors in Ireland including all out of state contractors carrying out work in the Republic of Ireland.

Please note that one section of the SEO relating to pension, sick pay and death in service is presently under judicial review and on hold/stay awaiting the court decision. Therefore this section is not currently mandatory but could be backdated to 1st Sept 2019 if and when a judicial decision is made. While this aspect relates to new entrants to the Pension scheme, those employees already in the pension scheme should have their pension payments continued.

Please note that the above mentioned Sectorial Employment Order is the only legitimate Employment Agreement applicable to the Electrical Contracting industry in Ireland and that AECI have no other agreements whatsoever with Connect trade union or any other union. This is despite the fact that Connect Trade Union has recently informed their members otherwise.

In Conclusion AECI are fully supportive of the new SEO for our industry to ensure stability and again confirm that this SEO is the only current agreement between AECI and Connect trade union.

Chris Lundy

Executive Secretary