ETCI achieves its objective of promoting electrical safety in electrical equipment and installations and encouraging an awareness of electrical safety among the general public through its publications. This is achieved through the preparation and publication of National Wiring Rules for Electrical Installations and of guides to their effective implementation in practice. It is also achieved through the publication of brochures on precautions for the safe use of electrical equipment and appliances, for the benefit of the general public and of particular communities within it, such as those engaged in agriculture. Purchase ETCI Publications online.

Also Available Free of Charge:

ET101:2008, Fourth Edition
ETCI has issued an Amendments, Corrigenda and Errata list to ET101:2008, Fourth Edition. Download this list
Download the Procedural Guidelines for Working on Electrical Installations. Issued 2000
This publication is available as an A3 wall chart and can be included in your organisation’s safety file. The chart is an extract from the ETCI Good Practice Guide on the Management of Electrical Safety at Work and is intended to assist the electrical expert in drawing up a job description to safely carry out live or dead working on an electrical installation or electrical apparatus in accordance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007, S.I. No. 299 of 2007 (Part 3 – Electricity).
Download the Guide to the Selection and Use of Residual Current Devices. Issued 2013
This Guide is intended to provide specifiers, installers and users of RCDs with a better understanding of the application, selection and use of such products. This publication is intended for use as a guide only, and has no regulatory or statutory status and should therefore be used in conjunction with the current issue of the National Rules for Electrical Installations (ET101), relevant product standards, and I.S. EN60439 – Low Voltage Switchgear and Control Gear Assemblies, where applicable. The Guide is limited to RCDs intended for domestic and similar use, having a rated voltage not exceeding 400V AC and a rated current not exceeding 125A.
Download the Guide to the Maintenance, Inspection and Testing of Portable Equipment (Electrical Appliances and Tools) in the Workplace. Issued 2008
Since November 2007 statutory requirements are in place with regard to the maintenance, inspection and testing of portable equipment used in the workplace. This Guide is intended to help employers meet their statutory duties in this regard.
Download “Electricity in the medical workplace – A guide for users of electrical equipment in medical practice”, Issued 2010
This Guide is intended to raise awareness of electricity in the medical workplace. It gives an overview of electricity and its use in the medical workplace setting. Electricity can be useful for certain medical interventions, particularly when applied in small, controlled amounts. However it can also be hazardous at unsafe levels of exposure. The Guide discusses electricity as it affects the human body, referring to beneficial aspects as well as not so beneficial aspects. We explore electricity and its usage in the medical workplace, and look at important aspects of electrical equipment in medical practice, including mains and battery powered equipment. Some tips and guidelines for users of electrical equipment in medical practice are offered.
Who should read this booklet?
If you are a nurse, allied health professional, doctor, or a consultant, you should find this booklet useful and informative. Remember, the aim of this booklet is to highlight important messages about electricity in the medical workplace, and in particular:
– the need to be careful in general when using electrical equipment in medical practice, and when connecting equipment to the electrical supply;
– in patient areas, and in particular in cardiac protected areas, additional measures need to be observed. Users of electrical equipment in medical practice need to be more aware of the effects of electricity when treating patients in these areas.
This publication was first introduced in March 2010.
Guideline on Managing Safety in the Use of Portable Electrical Equipment in the Workplace (ISSA (Electricity Section) Publication).
The ISSA Electricity Section has published this Guideline which describes safe practices that should be followed by those involved with portable electrical equipment. The Guideline is not designed as a training manual, but contains information, best practices and general recommendations deemed appropriate for the safe use of portable electrical equipment. Click here to download this publication.