The CER (Commission for Energy Regulation) has proposed that the testing, certification and verification courses which Electricians need to attend to obtain a QC (Qualified Certifier) number should become an accredited course.

They have suggested that the new requirements be introduced from June 2013. It is proposed that the new course would be a level 6 Fetec and it would be necessary to pass a written exam to obtain the qualification. Also the new qualification will be valid for 5 years instead of the current 3 years.

Both RECI and ECSSA have indicated their willingness to take what ever steps necessary to be in a position to provide the training for their own members.

It is understood that it will be at least January 2014 before the RECI and ECSSA trainers have obtained the necessary qualifications to become certified trainers to meet the CER’s new requirements. This in effect will mean that there is likely to be only one provider in a position to provide the training between June 2013 and January 2014.

While the cost and duration remain unknown we are confident that there will be increased costs for Contractors.

Contractors who attend an in house course with either RECI or ECSSA between now and June, will be issued a QC number which will remain valid for 3 years.

AECI would advise that if your QC number is due in 2013 it would be advisable to sit the course before June 2013.

AECI are unhappy with any additional costs being put on its members and will be following this up with the CER.

A reminder that the RECI AGM will take place on Saturday 8th of June in the GreenIsle Hotel @ 10.30am and we would advise all RECI members to attend and have there voice heard.