1st July 2020

No   National or Collective Agreement   Exists.

 AECI would again like to confirm that the only Agreement between AECI & CONNECT Trade Union is the Terms & Conditions of the Electrical SEO 2019.

While the High Court has declared this SEO as invalid, AECI continue to use this as our T& C’s, not withstanding that there is a stay on the Pensions, Death in Service & Sick Pay .

CONNECT  incorrectly  state that Electrical Contractors  must   legally,  honour  “Collective or National Agreement”.

This is absolutely untrue and unfortunate that CONNECT does not do the honourable thing and admit to this as  “FAKE NEWS”.

Employment Law protects all workers particularly relating to their Terms & Conditions and AECI fully supports & adheres to this fact.

In the recent High Court decision (23rd June 2020) on the SEO’s,  Mr Justice Garrett Simons made a very clear and important statement that there is no “COLLECTIVE OR NATIONAL AGREEMENT”.  AECI are happy to continue striving for harmony in the Electrical Contracting Industry, with CONNECT & other employer bodies, however,  at  every turn CONNECT appear to undermine facts and makes it difficult to continue to trust them.


Chris Lundy

Executive Secretary

Association of Electrical Contractors (Ireland)

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