In October 2012 the Minister Alan Shatter signed the SI (Statuary Instrument) making it a legal requirement that all persons who install or maintain Access Control or CCTV systems are the  holders of a Licence by the Private Security Authority(PSA). Although the PSA initially indicated that it would not take action against Registered Electrical Contractors(REC’s) who carry out this work, Geraldine Larkin (CEO at the PSA) has now clearly informed us that any persons who continue to work on Access Control or CCTV systems, could face prosecution by her office. REC’s should be aware that the licensing requirement applies to “Securty Installations” and they are free to work on any non security Access Control or CCTV systems.  PSA are issuing on request, a free add on licence to any security company already on the PSA Security Alarm Register.  Although we cannot confirm how this add on licence is structured,  it may have been acceptable by REC’s to have something similar agreed.

There is no justification for the exorbitant cost of this licence ,even with payments spread over the year and what is more concerning is that the PSA informed Minister Shatter that the new Licensing system was introduced after  consultation” with the Electrical Industry.  The AECI and the other Electrical Representative Bodies have confirmed that no consultation took place.

We expressed our major concerns with the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) that unqualified PSA personnell are working on 220volt, which not only puts their life in danger, but also the unsuspecting client or the public at large.

This matter is far from closed, however, we do advise our Members to note that the PSA may follow through on prosecutions as outlined above.