6 Gardiner Row

Dublin 1

26th February 2014


Dear Mr Devoy

We are disappointed that you failed to treat our “Important Notice” (SB Post 23/02/2014), with the seriousness that it deserves.

Our clarifications were needed to again refute the incorrect statements, by your good selves, in the TEEU, that any agreement exists, other than Employment Law. The AECI have at all times focused on the fact, that there is now NO AGREEMENT and you have also been informed by the LRC of this fact.

Furthermore, also for the purpose of clarification, no AECI “Executive Council Member” has corresponded with or sought a meeting with the TEEU regarding compliance, since your threatening letter and it is a shame that you have to resort to this incorrect and low manner of reporting. I would have assumed that any private dealings between Electrical Contractors and the TEEU would be on a confidential basis, however, now I know otherwise.

The AECI, also, state that we do not condone or associate ourselves with Electrical Contractors paying hourly rates of €12.00 or €13.00 per hour to Electricians and most definitely not the minimum rates of €8.65 as you underhandedly, continue to state in a scare mongering fashion.

The TEEU would better serve their members if they put their energy into following up agencies that are hiring out electricians at rates that are insulting to the trade and are bringing the industry to its knees, rather than as usual hitting the easy targets.

We have constantly requested an understanding for an hourly rate of pay that would be in line with the UK and Northern Ireland rates, with the intention that “ALL” Electrical Contractors would be in an agreement to comply with.

Electrical Contractors nationwide have been forced by Main Contractors to reduce their Labour Costs, which renders it impossible for Electrical Contractors to hold the rates of pay at €21.49 per hour, however the AECI have encouraged their members to continue to pay this rate and only by mutual agreement should they be altered.

Yours Sincerely

_               Executive Secretary