Over the coming weeks, and in line with the Level 5 guidance for further and higher education it is planned to have a phased return of craft apprentices to Training Centres, Institutes of Technology and Technological Universities to complete essential practical elements of Phase 2, 4 and 6 training and assessment. A phased return will help ensure the safe return of apprentices, instructors, lecturers, support staff, and the wider community in line with public health guidelines.


Within further education and training, 251 Phase 2 apprentices with the most significant time-critical status are returning to complete essential practical training on Monday 01 March. Detailed work with stakeholder representatives on the phasing of return of subsequent groups of craft apprentices across Phases 2, 4 and 6 is underway. The process of phased return will be monitored on a continuous basis over the coming weeks to help ensure ongoing public health safety.


We would be grateful if you can share this update with all relevant colleagues. Apprentices are being informed of the phased return plans and will be advised that their training provider and SOLAS will be in contact with them to confirm the date of return that applies to them. Due to the phased approach apprentices’ training phase will finish some weeks later than originally planned.  Off-the-job training allowance will continue to be paid and employers will be informed.


We would like to thank you and colleagues again for all of your hard work this term in very difficult circumstances. We look forward to working with you over the coming weeks to support craft apprentices to complete their current phase of training.


SOLAS and HEA, 26 February 2021

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Director of Apprenticeship

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