To date, Qualified Certifiers were required to complete a Testing, Certification and Verification course every three years. The courses, some of which were run by (relevent SSB – Safety Supervisory Body), were typically completed over the period of one evening.  From June 2013, it will be required that Qualified Certifiers complete an assessment which has been accredited by Dublin Institute of Technology or City and Guilds (or another accreditation body).  The accredited assessments will be run by multiple different providers, of which (Safety Supervisory Body) may be one. Qualified Certifiers will receive a certificate of competency upon completion.

In recognition that the accredited assessments will give greater confidence that there is an adequate standard in this area, the validity period of these assessments has been extended from three to five years. This means that from June 2013 Qualified Certifiers will only sit an assessment every five years.

The accredited nature will likely mean an increase in the cost and duration of the assessments. These costs and durations will vary depending on the provider and can be obtained from those providers. The extension of the validity period of the assessment will to some extent balance any increase in cost and duration.

Parties that wish to complete the unaccredited assessments may do so up to June 2013 and  these will have a validity period of three years.