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As you may be aware, our Association (AECI) together with all the other Electrical Representative Bodies have had meetings with the PSA (Private Security Authority) to discuss and seek agreement that will satisfy the Electrical Contractors of Ireland, who have already been badly affected by the collapse in the Industry. The Electrical Contractors in Ireland have, for many years, carried out the installation of intruder Alarm Systems and CCTV plus Access Control Systems, however with the proposed introduction of a special licence at an exorbitant cost many Electrical Contractors will be at the loss of this work and ultimately lead to more unemployment in this sector.

The AECI Executive Council arranged a meeting with all the Electrical Trade Associations with a view to create a united approach to contest many issues affecting our Electrical Industry.

On Wednesday 26th September a meeting was called with all the Electrical Bodies and the CER (Commission for Electrical Regulations) Mr Sean Ward.

The Purpose of this meeting was to contest and strongly voice our opposition to the licensing requirements for CCTV and Access Control. The CER has taken on board our very strong points of view and will be contacting the PSA directly.

On Friday 28th September the AECI arranged a meeting with all the Electrical Bodies and the PSA to strongly detail our opposition to the licensing. The delegates from the PSA agreed to look at the situation relating to Electrical Contractors. The PSA indicated that it will examine the possibility of developing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with RECI and ECSSA to allow Registered Electrical Contractors (REC) to gain access to the system at a greatly reduced cost. The detail of this proposed Memorandum of Understanding is still to be worked out and the group have agreed to develop and submit detailed proposals to the PSA as quickly as possible. In the meantime the PSA have indicated that they will take no action against Registered Electrical Contractors who carry out work in the Access Control and CCTV areas in the short term.

The PSA also confirmed that only the applicants turnover on security work would be counted when determining the licence cost, which is a scale based on turnover. They also confirmed that security lighting will not for at least the next 5 years, be included in the licencing system.

AECI have conveyed a further meeting of all bodies in the AECI Head Quarters on Tuesday 09th October with a view to agreeing a united solution to the problem.

In April 2012 a matter of serious concern to the entire electrical contracting industry was highlighted in the Private Security Authority (PSA) monthly Newsletter PSA watch Issue 28.

This is the Electrical Federation Industry of Ireland’s (EIFI) response.

Electrical Federation Industry of Ireland (EIFI) Private Security Authority (PSA) Proposal